Thursday, March 27

Spring/Easter Ideas and Inspiration: Carrots

Though it doesn't feel like Spring yet here, I am getting the itch for Spring cleaning! I have spent all week between rearranging rooms and being sick :( boo! It's hard to believe that Christmas wasn't last week! So I guess we better start thinking about Spring and Easter (if you celebrate)!

Here are some carrot ideas/inspiration to get your creative juices flowing!

Transform chocolate dipped pretzels & crushed cookies into "bunny food"! Source and tutorial

Turn wooden prop eggs (or even hard boiled eggs!) into "carrots" using some felt! These would be adorable in some cookie "dirt"! Source and tutorial  (buy wooden eggs here - link)

What could be more fun than pulling a strawberry "carrot" from your cupcake? Talk about a 2 for 1 dessert! Source and tutorial

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Thursday, March 20

Happy World Frog Day! Frog party ideas and inspiration

There certainly a holiday for everything! Today's observance of Frog Day hits home here, though. With Spring here, we get a ton of peeper frogs around our pond/woods. These little guys put up such a racket for the Spring mating season! They say you can hear their peeps a mile away...for us, we have to shut the windows sometimes to hear the tv! Hope you are having a great 1st day of Spring!

Break out the sherbert and serve up this fun little guy today! Source and tutorial

Have some fun and make these frog party blowers! Source and tutorial

Make some chocolate frogs! Use craft paper to cut out lily pads! Source (buy mold here - link)

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Monday, March 17

Happy St. Patrick's Day! - Last min ideas!

We woke to A LOT of snow for our St. Patty's Day - boo! Come on Spring already!

If you are looking for some last minute ideas to add a little green in your day... hopefully these ideas will inspire!
Run out and grab a few buckets (craft store or dollar store), some gold spray paint if you can't find gold buckets.  Add coloring pages, rainbow of crayons and you have a great treat for when the kids get home! (if you aren't stuck in the snow like us heehee) Source 

Whip up some candied green popcorn for snack tonight! Source and tutorial

and for a little fun, how about some sparkly green playdough!? Source and recipe 

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Tuesday, March 4

Happy Fat Tuesday!!

I started my day with fresh blueberry pancakes, so I am definitely feeling fat on this Tuesday heehee... 

Here are a few fun things to Frost up your Fat Tuesday celebration...

You have to do a king cake! And with Mardi Gras it is all about color, masks and beads! (well, at least to those of us outside the south looking in ;o)  Source

...oh and I forgot drinking ;o)  Even if you want to make fun virgin ones, these sugar rimmed shots are so cute! Source and tutorial

To end the evening festivities, let all the kids (and adults!) decorate cookie masks! Source and tutorial

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Sunday, March 2

Dr. Seuss Birthday celebration!

I totally forgot to hit publish this morning! BOO! ...but maybe you are planning a Dr. Seuss theme for a party this year and can stash these ideas ;o)  Don't forget about older, but still fresh!, Frosting for the theme here (link)

A fun, fast way to have some Seuss tomorrow is to make these fun cookies! Source and tutorial

How about serving up some multi-colored fish for "One Fish Two Fish..."  Source

How about a trio of food dedicated to Seuss?! Source

Wash it all down with some Goose & Moose Juice! Source

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Tuesday, February 25

St Patrick's Day party ideas and inspiration

My little guy is 9M already! He definitely hasn't been into holidays yet, but oh just wait until he is older! I hope I always stay "over the top" with my ideas! You got to have fun with it!

Have you made your plans for St Patty's yet?  Here are a few things that might inspire you, even if it's just for creating fun favors for school or work! ...and don't forget about older, but still fresh!, Frosting for your St Patty's celebration here (link)

I've seen these rainbow twizzlers used before, but not like this! How clever are these kabobs?!  Source and tutorial  (buy kabobs here - link)

Now I am a bit scared of Macarons, I have to admit... but these are so darling, I might just have to try! If we chicken out, we could do vanilla oreos ;o)  Dip in chocolate, sprinkles and add a shamrock sprinkle (by here - link). Source and tutorial

Watercolors & a rolo with a tag of "your a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow" would be such a fun favor! Source and tutorial

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Thursday, February 20

Under the Sea/Aquarium Party Ideas and Inspiration

I am obviously still on my blog when I can schedule ;o)  I finally took a few days off my day job - first time really since I have been back from maternity leave! We went to the aquarium and it was so much fun! My little guy (9 months tomorrow, can you believe it?!) had a blast - he spent the whole time trying to catch the fish (through the tank walls of course) our little trip made me think of having an under the sea party! Don't forget about older, but still fresh!, Frosting for a Sea party here (link)

One of my son's favorite things were the jellyfish! He giggled as he watched them move! These lantern jellyfish would be not only fun pops of color, but would be a great alternative to balloons to fill the room! Source and tutorial 

Our aquarium has a famous one arm turtle! I remember him from when I was a kid and it's kind of fun that my son will now grow up watching him! These turtles are not only adorable, but will be delicious! Source and tutorial

You can't have this theme without lots of fish! I know we spent most of the trip going "fishy fishy fishy" or making the fish face (yes, I am sure we got lots of stares!).  These balloon "water drops" & "fish" are adorable! And you can hang them, so no helium prices ;o)  Source

Don't forget to get fun with what you serve! Use a blue drink and mark it "ocean water", serve fish sticks, gold fish & potato chips could be "fish and chips", use a cookie cutter to "chomp" off the edges of sandwiches or cheese, etc to look like shark bites! pic Source  

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